Isabel Tecu, Principal, Charles River Associates

#179 What Have We Learned From Empirical Studies? Potential Antitrust Concerns Arising From Common Ownership

There is a growing interest in understanding the “ownership interests hypothesis,” i.e., whether investors holding […]

Adrian van den Hoven, Director General, Medicines for Europe

#114 What Are the Generic and Biosimilar Industries Worried About? Current Competition Law Issues Impacting the Sector.

Generics and biosimilars are an important part of the pharmaceutical landscape in Europe. What are […]

Michael Kades, Director, Competition Policy, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

#76 What’s Ahead in Pharmaceutical Antitrust Enforcement? Taking Stock of Key Pharmaceutical Issues and Enforcement Actions

Although there is little question as to the need for affordable, accessible, and high-quality pharmaceuticals, […]