Lisa M. DANZIG / Counsel to the Section Chair

Have you been practicing for less than 10 years? Are you a law student? Then pick up your virtual Spring Meeting badge and join us as we kick off the start of the Virtual Spring Meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet other young lawyers, Section Officers, and the Leadership of the Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee.


The social element is one of the greatest attractions of Spring Meetings, and we are moving them online. No masks. No elbow bumps. No social distancing.

How Do I Access?

  1. Click the red button above labeled “Join this Event.”
  2. Click “Save me a spot!” or “Join event now!” and when prompted, choose to sign up or sign in.
  3. Create a personal picture avatar! Click on the circled initial on the top leftcorner and then click on “My Profile” to fill in your information.
  4. You have arrived. Navigate your avatar to a virtual table to join a conversation. Move your avatar from table to table, conversation to conversation. Note: limit 6 avatars per table.
  5. Once you are at a table, you will see the existing participants video images shown at a row on the top.
  6. At any given table, you should be able to speak to the group and/or chat with any individual (by clicking “Chat” and finding that individual in the room). A particular table might have a designated host or recommended topic. Introduce yourself and chime in when possible, like what you would do on any real-life meet-and-greet occasions.